Gooey Messy Art Class With Three Hot Girls

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The assignment is quite simple. Alexa Bold, the art teacher, explains to her childish students Tatiana Milovani and Mila Dark that they must paint this simple design she has drawn on the chalkboard using their watercolors. Easy, right? Once she makes sure both her pupils have understood, she leaves the room to speak with the school principal. These naughty girls don’t want to paint, however. They just want a snack. So as soon as their teacher leaves the room, they get out a bunch of disgusting junk food and start munching away. When Mila spills all over Tatiana’s pink dress, Tatiana reacts with horror. She takes her revenge by dumping the contents of her yogurt drink all over Mila’s poor head. Now it’s getting fun, so why not paint each other, while they’re at it? When the teacher gets back, she’ll be so shocked. First, she cleans her students off with a bucket of water — then decides it might be a good idea to give them a lesson in body art!

Runtime24 minutes
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