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Hany has just finished making a nice variety of cakes for her friend Celine Noiret to try out, but little did Hany know that Celine is a total mess freak, despite the fact that she never leaves the house without her fine silk and satin outfits from Europe's top designers. You just never know with some of these Eurobabes, but Hany quickly finds out about her friend's little fetish when she finds her totally pigging out on one of the cakes, swallowing it down like a pack of dogs over a fresh kill. Forget about forks, and apparently this crazy WaM chick never learned that toppings are supposed to go ON the desert, NOT all over your face and outfit. Well, Hany has seen enough, and the cat-fight is on, quickly going from messy to ALL OUT NASTY! Before they know it, these two chicks are covered in cake sloppiness, literally from head to toe, and it only gets worse when the completely unsuspecting and always fashionable Tatiana Milovani stops by, because these two cake monsters waste no time smashing some cakes on her - and that means it's totally fucking ON! It's appropriate to say, Tatiana's BEEN SERVED! Can you handle this kind of mess? Then get into now!

Runtime24 minutes
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Language in movie English