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You definitely don't want to piss off this waitress, because she's clearly a bitch with no concern for her job. In a fit of anger, she slams down a pizza right on the table, and understandably, this causes her customers to get upset as well. The guy is smart enough to know when to walk away, but the two beautiful ladies must have more fashion sense than common sense. Why they would even want to engage in a food fight while in their nice silk and satin clothes is a mystery, but as it turns out, the result is pretty damn excellent! Three hotties going at it with plenty of pure slop nastiness within their reach is all it takes for a hell of a good food fight...or smear down, really. This has to be one of the nastiest, messiest allwam scenes ever, because one has to ask, what the hell is this restaurant serving, anyway!? Who would want to eat this stuff let alone have it smeared all over you clothes, face and hair? Yuck!

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